“You Don’t Go to College to Get a Degree, You Go to Find Your Bridesmaids.”


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If you are like me, you are going to have trouble picking the “select few” bridesmaids when it comes down to choosing them. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by leaving them out, don’t want anyone fussing at you, and you just want everyone to be happy so that your big day will go over smoothly. Or you can be like one of my best friends, who says, “I don’t care if anyone fusses at me over not picking them; it’s my day, and they will get over it.”

To get a married woman’s point of view of all things bridesmaids, I interviewed Beth, the woman that I babysit for. She has been married for over 10 years and has three kids. For just a preview of what her wedding was like, have you ever seen the movie 27 Dresses? If not, you should definitely watch it. If you have seen it, you will understand my comparison. Beth had 11 bridesmaids, and I automatically thought of that movie when she told me she had 11 of them. Here are the questions everyone has on how to work with your bridesmaids:

Q: Why/How did you choose 11 bridesmaids?

A: Well, some of them were my friends from home, the others I played ball with. I just chose who I felt closest with.

Q: Were any of them family? Your sisters or his?

A: I don’t have any sisters, and he has five. One of them was in the wedding.

Q: Were the rest of them mad about not being in it?

A: No. The one sister that was in it I played ball with, and she introduced us.

Q: Did you have a maid of honor? If so, how did you pick?

A: I had a matron of honor and a maid of honor. They were both my best friends since Kindergarten.

Beth seemed very sure about her decision in how she picked her bridesmaids. While I would probably put all five sisters in the wedding, I can understand while she didn’t, because she was not as close to the others as she was the one sister who she played ball with and introduced her and her husband. When picking your bridesmaids, just pick who you want. Don’t think about anyone’s feelings getting hurt, or whose wedding you have been in, etc. Just pick who you want to be by your side! If anyone gets upset at you for not picking them, then they are not worth worrying about. They should agree with YOUR decision for YOUR wedding.

Q: Bridesmaids’ dresses: Did you pick them, or did they?

A: I picked them. If I could go back, I would just throw them a piece of fabric and say, “Design your dress.”

I love it when bridesmaids have different styled dresses but all the same color or pattern, so that they get to pick what they like for their body type. I think that’s the best way to go to make sure that no one fusses over being unhappy with their dress. I think that Miranda Lambert did this the best.


^ I also love this example of different styled bridesmaids dresses ^

Q: Were there 11 groomsmen as well?

A: Twelve;  his dad was his best man.

Q: Were there any catfights in your wedding party?

A: No. They all got along, we had the BEST wedding party. Now, the wedding was unneccessary but I had always wanted a big wedding. We invited 400-450 people, and only 200 showed. If I had to go back, I would go to Vegas or have a beach wedding.

Q: What did you do for bridesmaids’ gifts since you had to buy so many?

A: Well, this is kind of different, but I found them online. These razors, like to shave your legs with, shaped like different things. One of them was a rake, one was a dolphin.

Q: What did you all do for a bacherlorette party?

A: We went out to eat together, just a small thing.

Depending on your budget and how important your bachelorette party is to you, it should not be too big of a thing if your wedding party is this large. For a small bacheloretter party, you could have dinner, have a movie night together, just hang out at home and play games, etc. If you had a movie night, some fun bridesmaids-related movies to watch would be: Bridesmaids, 27 Dresses or Bride Wars. For a larger bachelorette party, you could go to a beautiful place for the weekend or go have fun in Vegas! Sometimes, websites will have chances to win a free weekend with your girls! There is a great bachelorette weekend giveaway on Green Wedding Shoes right now!

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Q: Did you take all of your bridesmaids with you to find your dress?

A: No. I just randomly found it. Two of my husband’s sisters and I just went out not thinking we would find it, and we found it.

Q: How did you order them in your wedding standing next to you?

A: Well, I had a lot of tall girls, so I ordered them by height.

Unless you just want drama in your wedding, you should NEVER order your girls in order of “importance.” It should be your maid of honor, then maybe your sister or sister-in-law, but you should not order your friends in order of importance. I think that ordering them by height looks the best if you care about your wedding party looking neatly lined up.

Q: Have you ever seen 27 Dresses? And did you feel like that was your wedding at the end?

A: Ha ha Yes, I have seen it but I did not feel like it was mine.

In 27 Dresses, the main character  was in 27 weddings, and at the end she gets married and has all 27 of the girls in her wedding, all of them wearing their own bridesmaids dress that she had to wear in their wedding.

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^ 11 bridesmaids just like Beth’s wedding!

If you have any further suggestions for brides-to-be out there about their bridesmaids, just comment on this post!

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  1. My sister got married last year, so I understand the drama of picking bridesmaids! She ended up choosing to only have 5 bridesmaids – “family.” My sister and I were 2, then the groom’s sister, and then 2 girls who have been close to our family forever. Not blood relatives, but the next closest thing!

  2. Wow! Who knew so much went into bridesmaids. As I guy I barely even know what a wedding is let alone having 11 bridesmaids. I enjoyed the interviews, they were a good take on things and I see you have certainly put a lot of thought in this.

  3. I had no idea about any of this. As a guy, I don’t know much at all about weddings. It is incredible how much thought goes into all of this. I liked your interview approach. I thought it was an interesting way to write your story.

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