Finding All The Small Things


There are MILLIONS of different things that you can do to decorate your wedding! You have to have table decorations, aisle decorations and  things all around to make your wedding adorable! Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

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Mason jars: A very popular decoration for weddings these days. There are a lot of things that you can do with them, some things pictured above. Mason Jars are very cheap and you can get them at most stores, such as Walmart, your local grocery store, or even a hardware store. If you are planning on putting candles in them, you do not have to go at this in an expensive way. Get them from Dollar General, or even Dollar Tree! These stores also have MANY other cheap things that you can buy for your wedding. I have seen multiple brides buying small things for their table settings in these stores!

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This is just an idea for you for a decoration! Easy to do!

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For these, all you need is cheap glasses or vases, rubber bands and frost spray paint!

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If you don’t like the Mason jars, but want lighting, these paper bags are just as cute! They make a great centerpiece for tables, or you can line them up on the ground somewhere!

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I think that this is a wonderful idea for an outside wedding! The bride and groom could have these as well! Great so that your heels don’t sink in!

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Lanterns are one of my favorite things to use for decorations. The flowers just add something really great to it, but they also look really good without the flowers. In the taller lantern I would use a taller candle, though.

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I have personally watched a friend of mine make these, and they are so cool!

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Lighting is the big thing to do at weddings, and this would make for a Hollywood glamour feel and would awe your guests!

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This is such an easy thing to do yourself at home. Go to your nearest craft store, buy your letters and some paint, and paint away! The yarn letter is a little more difficult, but so cute! There are also many different things you can shape the letters out of such as moss, flowers and twigs!

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Teeny Fairy Berries are tiny glowing white LED that fade on and off slowly. Collectively, they produce a moving firefly or fairy light effect that is absolutely unique. Float in water, too! Lay them all around the garden or indoors for a fairyland atmosphere. These must be ordered online.

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I think this is a very modern and different way to do lighting, but I love it! It is very cool and very easy to do! There are so many different things that you can do with old light bulbs!

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I LOVE this napkin bowtie. It is so adorable and adds a new twist to table decorations!

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I have never seen this before and it is beyond perfect for a beach wedding! And not too expensive, either!

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This is a great way to bring the church outside! If I decide not to get married in the church, I would do this!

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Here are some more wedding decoration ideas, in case you need a little more inspiration!

There are millions of more options of things you can do for your wedding! I hope that these gave you some ideas to go off of!

Want more ideas? Go to Pinterest, and start looking! There are millions of ideas, and I even have a board with hundreds of pictures with wedding decorations! 

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  1. This is such a cute post! I love how you started off with the top 10 places to elope list, most people would never guess some of those. Also, the pictures were great. They add so much color to the page which is really nice!

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