Being a Flower Girl is a Privilege


Being a flower girl is a privilege, no matter what age. Even as I am about to turn 19 years old, my friends and I still talk about how many times we have been a flower girl.

I have been a flower girl one time in my aunt’s wedding when I was four-years-old.

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This angelic flower headband is similar to what I wore, as well as the dress, except my dress was a light mint green color.

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The tutu is a new fad that a lot of flower girls have been wearing. This is just too cute!

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Some people like the tutu, but with fairy wings as well to have fairy flower girls.

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A modern twist to the classic flower girl outfit, and still very cute!

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On the left is for an older flower girl and the right is still the sweet classic flower girl look, with a cowgirl outdoorsy twist

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The white dress is a very simple and typical yet cute flower girl dress, and the left is typical but bright blue!

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"Here Comes the Bride" banners have become very popular for the flower girls to carry down the aisle!

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For a baby flower girl!

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This picture is a MUST with your flower girls!

There are so many good places that your flower girl can get her dress! Although Nordstrom is a little pricey, that is where a family friend got hers, and she loved it!

Among other places there is David’s Bridal, which is all over the United States or my favorite local shop in Murfreesboro, Tenn, Encore Bridal and Formalwear.

What would you have your flower girls wear for your wedding?


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