“If You Liked it, Then You Shoulda Put a Ring On it”


Just yesterday at work, one of my managers told me that the cost of the engagement ring should be the man’s salary for three months. I did not know this fact; I just always thought every guy went in there and blew a lot of money on the ring.

A lot of my friends already knew this little fact, but for those of you who have never heard it before, there’s that helpful news for you.

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There are so many styles, colors, bands, the list goes on and on of what kind of ring to choose. Here are a few different styles to help you out.

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The non-matching band is a very different but beautiful look.

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The special touch on this one is getting the names and wedding date engraved in the rings.

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The unique style of this ring is beautiful.

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These are my two personal favorite rings! The one on the left is an almost exact replica of my great grandmother’s ring that I would like, except that her ring is silver instead of gold.

The one on the right may not be the traditional ring, but it is blue, and that is my absolute favorite color. Do not be afraid to do something out of the ordinary with a colored ring.

If you are torn between the two, you could get a traditional engagement ring and a colored stone ring from your husband-to-be when you exchange gifts before you get married.

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Both of these rings are antique styles; the one on the right is from the 1930’s.

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Pearls are so classy and are becoming a very popular style for engagement rings. I have several friends that have pearl engagement rings.

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These wedding rings for the groom are some new looks that you may have not seen before.

The ring on the right has the bride’s fingerprint on his ring.

 Pinned ImagePinned Image

The ring pictured on the left is another vintage style, which I think looks like a ring for a very glamorous girl, while the ring on the right is another unique style for the band, with a more modern look.

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For the girl whose favorite color is pink, this ring is for you!

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Both of these rings are modern stlyes that a lot of women have been getting for their engagement rings.

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If you are wondering where to start looking at these rings, or where to go to buy one, try a local jeweler or one that is well-known.

If you are in the Nashville Area, try Brentwood Jewelers or Genesis Diamonds.

Other jewelers that I recommend are Kay Jewelers or Zales, and these stores are in all of the states.

If you want to see some more rings, go to Pinterest. Take a lot at my Rings board while you are on there.


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  1. I didn’t know that the cost of an engagement ring should be the man’s salary for three months. That is very interesting. I like the modern style best probably, although I have not really considered it at all before this.

  2. My preference for a ring would have to be a big ol fat diamond in the middle of the ring. That it. I would want it to be pure diamond. I might have to take a trip to Africa and find one for myself. I do like the names on the inside of the ring and the band, thats very unique.
    When it comes to buying rings i never heard about the salary thing, but that do sound like a good idea. I don’t think anything to deal with a wedding should be cheap so the ring and ceremony should be BBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN’

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