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Let’s Get Some Shoes


A girl can never have too many shoes, right? Well, that is because there are so many options that we can’t pick just a few pairs of shoes to have! The same goes for you wedding day. Do you wear heels or flats? High heels or short heels? TOMS or sandals? Cowboy boots or rain boots? No shoes? Then after that you have to decide on the color of the shoes you are wearing. Here are some unique and different styles shoes that I hope will help you to decide what you want.

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DIY sparkle shoes that are perfect for your “something blue.”

I feel like it used to be such an easy option on what shoes to wear for your wedding. Heels. Right now a big fad is to wear cowboy boots or TOMS. There are so many styles, and they are comfy and cute! My boyfriend’s sister said she is going to wear cowboy boots, and her bridesmaids are going to as well for her wedding.

Pinned Image Have you seen these before? They are all over Pinterest, but they were special edition, so they aren’t being sold any longer. I can’t even find them on eBay. If you can find them somewhere to buy, please let me know.

Pinned Image These are so great to wear for the reception. The great thing about TOMS is that you can paint them however you want and get them in just about any color that you want. Also, with every pair of TOMS purchased, a pair of TOMS goes to a child who really needs shoes!

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Pinned Image Sandals are comfy and still cute!

Pinned Image <– While this is a lot of glitter, these are glamourous and perfect for a girly bride! You could also wear heels with less sparkle, but still some bling on them! Pinned Image <–Like these

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Not wanting to spend a TON of money on a pair of cowboy boots? French’s Boots has a sale room in stores for really cheap boots. Also, a lot of boots stores are buy one pair, get three free. 

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Get something monogrammed on the bottom of your shoes for a special touch.

Pinned Image Cinderella-inspired shoes!

Pinned Image Perfect for a rainy day.

Pinned Image For the girl who loves to always be a diva!

Pinned Image For the artsy girl.

Pinned Image Perfect for a beach wedding. No shoes, but still pretty and glamorous!

Pinned Image Why not have your something blue on your shoes? 🙂

There are many places that you can get wedding shoes that also have good deals! Try Off Broadway Shoes, David’s Bridal, or Payless!

Have fun shoe shopping!

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