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What You Should Do With Your Groom…(And Groomsmen)


While a lot of people think it is classy and traditional to do black tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen, those of you who want something different, you have so many options!

In this day-and-age, it is normal for a tuxedo shop to have not only black tuxedos, but also white, navy, gray and khaki.

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I love the black tux and white tie; I think that it is still very close to the classic look, but with a slightly different look to it.

As for the navy, it is a very handsome look that many of my guy friends’ wore for prom in high school.

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I love these unique styles!

Pinned Image Sear sucker suits are one of my favorites! They would especially look nice on the beach!

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There are a lot of different options for boutonniere rather than the typical rose. Ask your groom if he would be willing to wear something different!

key to my heart - boutonniere This is an adorable idea. This is the grooms boutonniere, and the bride has the lock to it on her bouquet!

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Now this is different in the best interest of the groom. My boyfriend would LOVE it if I asked him to do something like this, and I know a lot of other guys that would enjoy it as well. Star Wars and super heroes are very popular among grown men just as much as young boys!

There are so many different tux shops to choose from, but not all are the best choices.

I personally have not had the best experience or greatest choices from Men’s Wearhouse.

I would look at local tux shops or even check to see if where you get your wedding dress rents tuxes.

My favorite local place is Street Tuxedo, owned by a Lipscomb alumnus. You can find locations in Nashville, Franklin and Murfreesboro. I have spoken with the owner several times, as well as his workers, and everyone is beyond friendly and willing to work with you.

So tell me, what is your favorite look?